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Packaging: 2 sterile packs of 2 patches each


Hyamira® MN200 are the latest generation of hyaaluronic acid products, non-invasive and capable of ensuring gradual penetration into deeper skin tissues.


Recognized by an international patent, the originality of this product lies in its double structure, which includes an external patch in soft, flexible and non-biodegradable silicone gel to which is attached a hard and biodegradable "internal mask" from which protrude the micro. - needles.


Hyamira® MN 200 crosses the stratum corneum, avoiding nerve endings that feel pain.


Hyaluronic acid is released gradually for intense hydration.

Micro-needles have a mechanical action which intensifies the synthesis of new elastin and collagen.


The mechanical action and the release of HA guarantee effective and lasting results.


Hyamira MN200 patches are easy to use, pain free, sterile, dermatologically tested, no preservatives


The MN200 patches are ideal for the treatment of periocular lines, nasolabial lines, glabellar lines, puppet lines, and in the treatment of the tear groove.


Applied to the lips, it increases their turgor and hydration.



Protocol for using Hyamira MN200 Patches


  • Thoroughly cleanse the skin,
  • Remove the white film and apply the patches to the areas to be treated.
  • Lightly press the patches so that the micro needles penetrate deeply.
  • After 45 minutes, remove the patches.
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