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LIGHTENING PEEL (For intimates area)




Bottle of 60 ml 



Lightening Peel is an excellent depigmenting agent, melanogenesis inhibitor and lightening effect for intimate areas 

The Simildiet range is registered with the Ministry as a medical device No. AEMPS 597-PE 



The indications of Lightening Peel:


  • Flabby skin, without tone and sagging 
  • Elderly skin with spots 
  • Perfect for matte skin to lighten and depigment, with dyschromia, irregular pigmentation and after scars Areas of the body blackened with age (dirty appearance) Devitalized and dark areas of the armpits, elbows, knees, areas of friction, anal areas, ... 

Indications of skin preparation

  • It is recommended to apply 1 week before the treatment of Lightening peel, XTRA Lightening cream morning and evening. 


Protocol of use:

  • Clean the area to be treated with Simildiet or Limpiador pre-peel lotion 
  • Do not rinse 
  • Use a compress and rub with 
  • Degreasing lotion 
  • Apply with a brush the Lightening peel for 15 minutes and neutralize with Neutralisant spray 
  • Apply the cream after peeling SIMILCARE 

Frequency of use:

  • 4 to 6 sessions are required one week apart Renew once or twice a year Home maintenance: Use morning and either serum and cream XTRA Lightening 
  • Think about using sunscreen 

Composition of Lightening Peel Simildiet:


  • Glycolic Acid 49% PH-1.3 - 1.6 Sterile water Kojic acid 7% Tranexamic acid 5% Citric Acid 4% Lactic acid: 2.7,Salicylic acid: 2.7% ,Hydroxyethyl cellulose, ,Benzyl Alcohol phenoxyethanol ,Potassium sorbate
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LIGHTENING PEEL (For intimates area)

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