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PROTEOGLYCANS - Excellent moisturizing and antioxidant anti-aging cure, deep hydration





Box of 20 vials of 2 ml



Proteoglycans are ubiquitous molecules that function as critical components of the extracellular matrix.


These proteins are composed of chains of glycosaminoglycans that are covalently linked to a protein core.


Although only a handful of proteins have the propensity to become proteoglycans, their range of functions and potential roles in the development of the organism is extremely wide.



Proteoglycans restore skin cells, providing good stability and elasticity to the skin.

Pre-proteoglycans are peptides that stimulate the natural synthesis of proteoglycans, helping the skin to generate its own proteoglycans.

Proteolycans are an excellent moisturizing and antioxidant anti-aging treatment High hydration

Prevents the formation of wrinkles Illuminates the complexion

Moisturizes and plumps the neckline and the back of the hands Improves skin suffering from dermatoporosis





Teams of qualified chemists with more than 30 years of experience in the production of products.

This gives all of our customers the assurance that the product they receive is always of the highest quality and reliability.

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