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3 vials of 5 ml 


Attenuates the expression lines produced by the constant repetition of the movements caused by the muscular contraction of the facial expression. 


Lifting effect in 20 minutes thanks to the DMAE 


XTRA Facelift acts as a global anti-aging. 

Moisturizer and precursor of the synthesis of collagen, elastin and proteoglycans. 


Particularly indicated for its overall anti-aging effect: Bio-revitalizing and complete nutrition of the skin, attenuation of wrinkles, expression lines and pores of the skin, increases its luminosity, improves its texture, its quality and reduces its roughness. Method of administration Treatment should be done by a doctor or health professional licensed to practice these techniques. 


Components of XTRA Facelift:

  • Hyaluronic acid: Its function is to maintain the optimal level of tissue hydration and thus prevent the loss of elasticity, by promoting the new production of collagen and elastin, fundamental components of the fabric. 
  • Stimulating peripheral microcirculation revitalizes the cell cycle, making light and softness in the face. 
  • Hyaluronic acid retains water in an equivalent percentage much higher than its weight, so that it restores the fibers that support the skin's tissues. 

Water-soluble collagen: 

  • Collagen is a fundamental structural protein of the skin, it gives softness, firmness and strength. It has a great volumizing effect and its lack is responsible for the main signs of skin aging: wrinkles and flaccidity. 

Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline®):

  • It is an N-terminal neuromuscular-like peptide that blocks the release of neurotransmitters effectively, so that muscle contraction is attenuated. 
  • It 's an alternative to botulinum toxin that acts on the same mechanism but in a completely different way. 

Hexapeptide - 30: 

  • Acts on the agrin / MuSK postsynaptic pathway as a competitive antagonist of the muscle-specific kinase at the agrin binding site, to modulate muscle contraction by reducing the formation of expression lines. 

Pentapeptide - 18:

  • Blocks calcium channels indirectly by inhibiting the release of acetylcholine, keeping the neuron at rest, thereby reducing muscle contraction levels. 
  • Decreases the depth of the wrinkles produced by the contraction of the muscles of the facial expression.
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