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5 Vials of 5 ml


XTRA SKIN REPAIR is a powerful restorative skin repair, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, reduces wrinkles and restores skin damaged by environmental factors such as sun, pollution, stress and tobacco. XTRA SKIN REPAIR reduces acne scars, dilated pores and blemishes of mixed skin with seborrheic excess.




ASIAN CENTELLA Great cicatrizing effect, stimulates the activation of conjunctive tissue cells increasing its fibrillar content. It has an epithelial regenerative property.


ORGANIC SILICON Silicon is a structural element of the conjunctive tissue. This is a key element in the composition of the macromolecules found in elastin, collagen, proteoglycans and glycoproteins and it works by boosting and stimulating their regeneration. TROXERUTINE It is formed by three active principles: escine, aesculin and flavonoids (rutin and hesperidin). Each one develops different pharmacological effects. Aescin is a saponin with an antiexudative and antiedematous activity. Aesculin is fibronolytic and antithrombotic, because it is an oxicoumarin glycoside. The complex rutine-hesperidin is flebotonic and capillary protector.


HYALURONIC ACID It has a great moisturizing effect, substitutes the loss of collagen and restores damaged structural bridges.


ALARIA ESCULENTA EXTRACT Antioxidant action and anti-free radical effect. It stimulates the production of collagen III, IV and VII. Reinforces the hydrolipidic skin barrier. Moreover, stimulates the synthesis of matrix, perimembranous proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid. Increases the production of ATP, ADP and AMP.


2 BIOMIMETIC PEPTIDES Tetrapeptide-7 It fights against the degradation of the extracellular matrix linked to the formation of stretch marks. It helps to reduce fibres fragmentation and enhances considerably the reconstruction of the papillary fibre dermal network. Its repairing effect visibly enhances the skin improving its tone and elasticity. Tripeptide- 30 Inhibits the degradation of the components in the Extracellular Matrix (ECM), reduces skin tension, favours skin healing, increases skin elasticity, reduces erythema and improves the colour of stretch marks.




They regenerate the collagen and elastin fibres enhancing the creation of structural dermal bridges that help restore damaged skin.


Xtra skin repair also restore the hydrolipidic structure.

This composition reactivates the vascular and lymphatic activity to help bring back to the skin its luminous, smooth and healthy appearance.

The skin gradually recovers its natural colour and progressively blends in to the surrounding skin. Stabilization: the cell regeneration process and the activation of collagen and elastin fibres production due to fibroblast and microcirculation reactivation, allows to maintain the obtained result over time.


Therapeutics indications:


Indicated for thick skins, enlarged pores with dyschromias, skin matte, shiny areas, unaesthetic reflects. Acne skins, ideal for treating stretch marks of any aetiology caused by pregnancy, obesity and dieting or endocrinal disorders). The skin gradually recovers its natural colour and progressively blends in to the surrounding skin.


  • Each specialist will recommend the best technique to correctly inject the product.
  • Patient - 35 years old, after twin pregnancy.
  • Treatment carried out with XTRA SKIN REPAIR SIMILDIET VIALS for 3 months/1 session per week.
  • Treatment every 15 day selectively to stretch marks.

At home :

  • XTRA SKIN REPAIR cream and serum ,skin repairing effect. Daily home treatment.
  • The patient has applied the cream, morning and evening, selectively to the stretch marks until completely absorbed.
  • Storage conditions Store between 2ºC and 25º.
  • Avoid placing the product on the floor, close to a source of heat or humidity or exposed to direct sunlight.
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